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Carry Anne: I’m Carry Anne. I am the Director of Operations for Dental & Implant Centers of Colorado. This is our Cherry Creek location. And I think what patients look at when they’re looking for a doctor is, do they answer all their questions and their needs. We’re an office that provides good listening skills to make sure that we provide quality for our patients.

When you’re looking for a doctor, you’re looking for someone with experience and takes the time and patience to sit through with all the questions that a patient has. A lot of them are concerned about, “What am I going to look like? Can I get back to what I look like when I was X years old?” It’s a big decision because when they’re coming to us, they want to feel like they have trust in what we do.

We provide the best customer service to our patients before and after this decision-making process, and we talk them through it so that they have full knowledge of what they’re accepting and what we’re providing for them.

There are 5 questions you should ask to know if this is the right dental office for you: Does your dental office actively listen to the needs and wants that you have? Does the dental office that you’ve chosen and the dentist that you’ve chosen to work for you respect your time? Does the dental office that you’ve chosen give you financial options for creating this choice that you’ve made? Does your dental office follow up with you before and after your treatment process? Does the dental office that you’ve chosen use modern technology?

You’re looking for an office that respects your time, takes the time to listen to your needs, and walks you through all the steps. It’s not a simple decision. It’s not a quick decision. It’s a decision where you want to have the knowledge of start to finish, and what to expect. We want you to have the best experience and product in the end. We like to be upfront with you about the cost of this, so there’s no hidden fees with it. We upfront talk to you about what the total cost. We don’t throw in charges at the end. We also try to help you and guide you through so that you may reach your goals. That’s why we have affordable financing for you, and many different options for you to make this dream and desire happen for you in the end.

Our office is up-to-date on technology, for many reasons. It helps with the healing process, it helps with the downtime that someone has, plus making sure that we’re giving you the most accurate decision on what’s going to best work for you as a patient. That requires digital work, a lot of scans, and then the doctor being current on what is the most current effective product to be used for you.

Dental & Implant Centers of Colorado — We’re not a cookie cutter approach. We want to bring you in, sit you down at no charge, to sit down and see if we can meet the needs of what you want long term. We sit down and work out a plan that works best for you in the long term, so that you in the end are really, really satisfied with what you’ve chosen.

With Dr. Duane, he’s a perfectionist. He uses the most modern technology. That’s why he uses guides to help him through that process, to make sure that we’re picking the implants and the treatment plan for you that is going to be the most successful in the end.

You’re looking for a new office that’s going to meet your chief concerns and be able to provide you with the best final product for yourself. This is a cosmetic change. This is a change in someone’s life. For someone to get to the point of wanting to have an all-on-four implants placed, they’ve had dramatic changes in their life. So you’re choosing and putting the confidence in that doctor to make those changes to get you a really good product in the end.

To find out more about us, please call us up to get that free consultation because we’re looking forward to having you as our patient.
We are a full service Dental & Implant Center based in the heart of Denver Metro in Cherry Creek. We offer comprehensive dental care starting with everything ranging from general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry all the way to same day dental emergencies & surgical procedures including Implants. We have a dedicated team of general dentists and specialists including Prosthodontist, Oral Surgeon and Periodontist in our in-house team. Come experience the difference of a full service state of the art dental practice.
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