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It’s unfortunate that you may have been informed that experiencing gum pain and discomfort is typical, causing you to endure it without seeking a solution. However, the root cause of your sore gums could be attributed to your dentures rubbing against them, leading to irritation and swelling. In some cases, you may have developed denture sores. So, what options do you have to address this issue?

It’s highly probable that if you wear dentures, you’ve experienced discomfort in your gums. Initially, you underwent the unpleasantness of having all your teeth removed, and afterward, your gums started to cause you problems.

What to do about denture sores?

So, what can you do to alleviate denture sores? Your mouth may feel unfamiliar, like a cruel joke has replaced the place where you once enjoyed delicious desserts like blueberry cobbler, German chocolate cake, and gooey homemade caramel corn.

Unfortunately, you’ve now become accustomed to consuming lukewarm soup, yogurt, and using bendy straws. It’s not a pleasant experience, and you, the reader, are struggling with sore gums due to your dentures. Despite this, you may have been informed that the gum pain and discomfort are normal, causing you to endure the agony without seeking a solution.

Your gums are likely sore due to the friction caused by your dentures rubbing against them. This rubbing has led to irritation and swelling, and in some areas, you may have developed denture sores.

Why do dentures cause gum pain?

Here are some reasons why dentures can cause gum pain:

  1. Bacteria buildup

    Just as bacteria can decay natural teeth, bacteria on dentures can cause yeast to build up under them, resulting in Denture Sore Mouth.

  2. Poorly fitting dentures

    After having teeth extracted, the mouth may undergo changes in shape during the healing process. Ill-fitting dentures can rub against the gums, leading to infections and soreness.

  3. Bone resorption

    Dentures that regularly rub against the gums may indicate poor fit. Extended wear of poorly fitting dentures can cause bone cells to be reabsorbed, leading to bone atrophy.

  4. Cracks or chips

    Damaged dentures can malfunction, leading to various issues that cause gum discomfort.

  5. Pressure points

    Certain areas of the denture may apply more pressure on the gums, leading to sore spots and inflammation. This is particularly true if the denture is not well-designed or if the material used to make it is too hard.

  6. Poor oral hygiene

    Dentures require regular cleaning and maintenance, just like natural teeth. If they are not cleaned properly, bacteria and plaque can build up on the denture surface and gums, leading to gum disease.

  7. Food particles

    Food particles can get trapped between the denture and the gums, leading to irritation and inflammation. This can also contribute to bad breath and other oral health problems.

A sore spot on a patient's gum due to dentures
A sore spot on a patient’s gum due to dentures

How to get rid of gum pain due to dentures

Here are some remedies for gum pain caused by dentures:

  1. Saltwater rinse

    Create a solution by dissolving about a teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water and rinse your mouth with it.

  2. Extra denture adhesive

    Apply more denture adhesive to keep your dentures in place and provide an additional layer of protection from rubbing.

  3. Oral pain relief gel

    Apply toothache pain relief gel to your sore gums.

  4. Over-the-counter pain relievers

    Take acetaminophen, ibuprofen, or naproxen sodium to alleviate the pain.

  5. Aloe vera gel

    Apply aloe vera gel to your gums to soothe irritation.

  6. Gum massage

    Massage your gums to improve blood circulation and reduce swelling.

  7. Don’t wear dentures to bed

    Allow your gums time to rest and recover by not sleeping in your dentures.

  8. Use a soft toothbrush

    Gently brush your sore gums with a soft-bristled toothbrush, and ensure your dentures are entirely free of bacteria.

  9. Cloves and olive oil

    Soak cloves in olive oil and apply the mixture to your sore areas for pain relief and healing.

  10. Sage tea

    Make sage tea and swish it in your mouth for around thirty seconds for instant relief.

These are just a few suggestions for easing gum pain caused by dentures. Unfortunately, gum pain may be a recurring problem for denture wearers. While the pain may come and go, dentures will likely not remain perfectly fitted to your mouth for the rest of your life, requiring regular refitting. Each time dentures are refitted, it is typically preceded by gum discomfort and irritation.

What we recommend: dental implants

Our recommendation to prevent denture-related gum irritation is to switch to Dental & Implant Centers Of Colorado. Our implants do not cause gum discomfort, eliminating the need for long-term remedies such as clove oil or oral analgesics.

If you are experiencing gum irritation caused by dentures, it may be time to consider a change to Dental & Implant Centers Of Colorado’s full-mouth dental implants. Please contact us so we can assist you in putting an end to this recurring problem.

Our goal is to help you enjoy your food without discomfort, speak confidently without the fear of your dentures slipping, and smile without any pain. Constantly searching for solutions to alleviate your gum pain is not a sustainable way of life. Let us assist you in achieving a happy and healthy mouth once again.

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