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Imagine being an ice cube lover, and one day, when you’re crushing cubes between your teeth, you hear a crackling sound and notice a fine line between them. How dreadful might you be? This condition is fairly common in developed countries and one of the leading causes of tooth loss.

A cracked tooth, also known as a fractured tooth or cracked tooth syndrome, shows various symptoms such as cracked tooth pain during chewing food and increased sensitivity to cold and hot drinks and food. The pain is sharp and episodic, and there is an intense swelling of gums around the affected tooth. 

So if you’re someone who is prone to cracked teeth or already is suffering from it and looking for the best dentist to treat it, then we are here to help you.

What causes a Cracked Tooth?

As mentioned earlier, biting hard foods such as ice cubes, hard candy, nuts, etc., can result in repetitive stress of the teeth leading to a fracture. Secondly, age plays an important role here. As we grow older, our enamel becomes weak, which makes it more prone to break. Hence, people over 50 are a high-risk group. Thirdly, it occurs due to trauma. People who play sports or suffer from a road traffic accident often injure their teeth, resulting in a cracked tooth. Moreover, those who have a habit of grinding their teeth during sleeping can result in mysterious cracks in teeth.

Lastly, those who have weak teeth due to any disease such as vitamin D or calcium deficiency or those who have a persistent problem of acid reflux can result in a tooth fracture that might extend throughout the entire tooth.

Types of Cracked Tooth

There are different types of cracked teeth and each is treated in a different way. Here are the few known types:

  1. Craze lines are rarely seen on x-ray as they are tiny cracks in the enamel and often do not cause any pain or symptom.
  2. A cracked tooth is a fracture of the enamel that runs vertical and may or may not involve the gum line. The one without reaching the gum line has a better prognosis than the one that extends to the gum line.
  3. Split tooth: Here, the fracture separates the two fragments of a tooth.
  4. Vertical root fracture: This is a cracked tooth where fracture begins below the gum line at the root and then extends upwards. It is usually symptomless initially, but later, when the tooth gets infected, it causes severe pain.

What procedures are being offered in Denver for fixing a cracked tooth?

If you’re tired of googling “Dentist near me Denver” and still haven’t found the best dentist for yourself, then don’t worry you’re in luck today. Dental and Implant Centers of Colorado, DICC provides its services in three cities of Denver and has the best treatment for cracked teeth. The type of treatment you would receive for your cracked tooth can be decided after an extensive examination. All you have to do is make an appointment and visit the nearest DICC from your home. Once you are there, you will be welcomed by their friendly staff and experienced dentists. After various imaging techniques, the dentist would tell you different ways you can choose for cracked tooth repair.

At DICC, dental filling, root canal treatment, extraction, and dental crowning are the major methods used to treat cracked teeth. However, extraction is only done if the damage is beyond repair and can later be replaced by the best dental implants Denver. The most commonly used dental filling is done for minor fractures. Here the dentist fills the crack using different materials, which are later hardened by using ultraviolet rays. These treatments usually require 2-4 sittings, and after that, you will be free of cracked tooth pain.

What are the risks if one doesn’t get it fixed?

Sometimes these cracks are so minute and symptom-free that they often go unnoticed until they don’t extend to the gums and roots. In other cases, people often ignore the pain until it’s too late. When one avoids cracked tooth repair, it often leads to serious complications such as pulp infection. The pulp infection can lead to bone or gums infection, hence requiring immediate treatment. An untreated cracked tooth can also result in extreme tooth sensitivity, tooth decay, and finally resulting in tooth loss. For all of these complications, you might need an emergency dentist Denver; therefore it’s necessary to treat a cracked tooth on time. 

How expensive is it to fix a cracked tooth?

DICC provides various dental plans for these treatments so that everyone can afford them. However, the price for cracked tooth repair solely lies in the severity of the disease, whether there are any complications, and the type of treatment offered by the dentist. Hence, it is always advised not to delay the treatment and always visit the dentist on time. 

Post care of a cracked tooth

If you have got treated with the best dentist of DICC, then you are in good hands. Post-care is usually certain preventive measures such as protecting your mouth during sports, not biting any hard food, and taking care of your oral hygiene. If you have any vitamin deficiency, it is better to eat a healthy diet. Lastly, don’t forget to visit the dentist after every 6 months for dental checkups.


Cracked teeth are something that can easily be treated and avoided if taken extra care of. However, if you are already suffering from a cracked tooth, nothing to worry about. DICC offers you a life free of cracked tooth pain; visit their best dentist in Denver and enjoy good oral health. Please book an appointment now and thank us later!

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