Dentures or veneers

Consider veneers to enhance the appearance of your smile if you only require cosmetic improvements for your teeth. Dentures should not be used solely for cosmetic purposes. However, if you have missing or decayed teeth that require extraction, you may wonder if dentures are your only choice.

Dentures vs. veneers

It’s evident that dentures and veneers are very different.

To begin, let’s address why you require significant dental assistance, as evidenced by your interest in comparing dentures and veneers. It’s likely that you have dental problems that require attention, given your current situation.

More than half of American adults visit the dentist each year for some form of treatment. You may belong to one of these categories, such as having discolored, gapped, chipped, crooked, decaying, or missing teeth due to medical reasons or injury.

Numerous dental procedures are available, but how do they differ, and which one is suitable for you? Are dentures or veneers your only options? Let’s explore.

What exactly are dentures?

Simply put, dentures are synthetic teeth. You may have seen them in a small container on your Aunt Myrtle’s bathroom sink.

Dentures serve to replace missing or diseased teeth that require extraction. They are a prosthetic appliance that must be taken out and reinserted daily.

There are two fundamental types of dentures: Partial Dentures and Full Dentures. As the name implies, partial dentures replace only a specific section of your teeth, while full dentures replace all of your teeth. This is not surprising.

Partial versus full dentures

Dentures are commonly composed of a blend of materials, such as nylon, porcelain, acrylic, resin, or metal. Typically, there is a full set of teeth attached to a plastic base that extends over the roof of your mouth, assisting in keeping the denture in position.

In contrast, certain partial dentures attach to your remaining teeth, providing support.

Advantages of dentures:

  • They can replace all missing teeth
  • They can replace some missing teeth

Disadvantages of dentures:

  • They can be bulky
  • They may cause gagging
  • They require daily removal, insertion, and cleaning
  • They are susceptible to breakage
  • They can contribute to bone loss
  • They need to be realigned and replaced as your jawbone shrinks
  • They are not a permanent fix.

What exactly are veneers?

It’s crucial to recognize that veneers are not a solution for missing teeth. If you continue reading, you’ll understand why veneers cannot rectify any gaps in your smile.

Veneers are cosmetic coverings that are affixed to your teeth. They are typically made of porcelain or composite resin. Veneers are suitable if you have severely discolored teeth due to intrinsic stains that cannot be corrected through professional bleaching, such as tetracycline stains.

Veneers can be beneficial for addressing small gaps, chips, or teeth that have been damaged by trauma, such as an injury that killed the root and resulted in the tooth turning gray. However, veneers cannot fix crooked teeth, bruxism, gum disease, or existing cavities, and can even worsen these conditions.

There are two options for composite veneers: direct and indirect. Direct Composite Veneers are created in the office and applied directly to your natural teeth. Indirect Composite Veneers are customized and require more time to produce.

Composite Veneer application

The process of applying composite veneers is akin to painting furniture that already has a protective coating. Initially, your teeth will be cleaned, and a bit of “sanding” down may be necessary, depending on their condition. This etching process is necessary to create a rough surface for the composite resin to adhere properly. Once done, the dentist will apply the resin and use ultraviolet light to harden it.

Veneer placement
Veneer placement

Advantages of Composite Veneers:

  • Minimal damage to gums
  • Simple application process
  • Easy repair procedure
  • Can fix different cosmetic dental issues
  • Can be completed in one dental visit
  • Less invasive than dentures

Disadvantages of Composite Veneers:

  • Prone to staining
  • Composite resin is not as durable as other materials
  • Not a permanent solution for dental problems.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are a premium type of veneers that are personalized specifically for you. The application process typically involves two dental appointments.

Porcelain Veneers application

At the first appointment for porcelain veneers, your dentist will prepare your teeth by removing some of the enamel to make room for the veneers. If there is any decay, it will also be removed. The shape and color of your natural teeth will be taken into consideration when creating your custom veneers, which will be made by a prosthodontist. In the meantime, you will be given temporary veneers to wear.

At the second appointment, the temporary veneers will be removed, and the custom veneers will be attached to your teeth using a special cement. The area will be cleaned, and an ultraviolet light will be shone on the veneers to harden them.

Advantages of Porcelain Veneers

  • Porcelain is a strong material
  • Stain-resistant
  • Does not cause harm to your gums

Disadvantages of Porcelain Veneers

  • Expensive
  • Decay can occur underneath the veneer
  • Require regular polishing
  • More invasive than composite veneers
  • Not a permanent solution

Dentures or veneers: which one is the best?

Deciding between dentures and veneers depends on your specific dental needs. Veneers are a better choice for cosmetic improvements, such as fixing small gaps or discolored teeth that can’t be corrected with bleaching or invisible aligners. However, if you’re missing several teeth or have unhealthy teeth that need to be removed, dentures are not your only option.

Instead of settling for dentures, you can consider full mouth dental implants as a natural-looking, long-term solution. With Dental & Implant Centers Of Colorado’s expertise and quick process, you can transform your smile, improve your chewing ability, and prevent further bone loss.

While veneers have their benefits, they cannot offer the same level of functional improvement as dental implants. So, don’t settle for the lesser of two evils. Take our free online evaluation to learn more about our dental implant solutions and how we can help you achieve the smile you desire without compromising on function or aesthetics. We’re here to listen, answer your questions, and provide real solutions

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