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Nowadays, every dental and medical treatment has become easier. All thanks to technology, less time-consuming, and more efficient methods are known! If you have ever raked the Internet with the question, ‘laser dentistry near me,’ or if you live in Denver, there is only one direction for you. Head down to the Dental & Implant Centers of Colorado now and get to know what pain-free laser dentistry feels like.

What is Laser Dentistry? How does it work?

Laser dentistry is done with the aid of a laser that eliminates the need for anaesthesia, and provides a comfortable treatment for tooth extractions, treating tooth decay, and all other aesthetic treatments! Now, you do not have to dread long needles and numbness.

When a laser is directed towards the problem area in the mouth, the narrow and focused beam creates a reaction in the tissue and allows the removal or reshaping of the tissue. 

For all kinds of teeth whitening and gum diseases, laser dentistry is a successful path for patients.

What Can Be Treated With Laser Dentistry?

The best clinic for laser dentistry will offer two primary types of laser dentistry-hard tissue and soft tissue. As the name implies, hard tissue laser is for teeth, while soft tissue laser is for gums. Some of the most common hard tissue laser dentistry is 

  • Cavity detection, 
  • Treating sensitivity
  • Dental fillings.

 We all know the drill of visiting the doctor and going through a few gruesome minutes to get the anaesthesia and witnessing the scraping, drilling, and all the procedures that are part of the treatment. Cavity detection and removal of tar are some common treatments of laser dentistry, and you can get used to pain-free dentistry in no time!

Soft tissue laser dentistry can be beneficial for people who need 

  • Crown adjustment, or 
  • Have a gummy smile that needs correction,
  • Removal of soft tissue folds,
  • Tight or misfit frenulum is a crucial treatment that can reduce lisp and correct linguistic issues. 

Soft tissue treatments can be very painful otherwise but laser dentistry has made it all simple so that when you walk in, you smile and as you leave, your smile broadens!

Laser dentistry Denver is not a hard search as all patients rely on the best dentists in the city. You can consult our dentists and get to know all about the procedures of laser dentistry. 

Types of Lasers Used in Dentistry

Laser dentistry employs hard tissue and soft tissue lasers for dentistry. The hard laser is so intense that it can cut through the tooth. The best dentist for laser dentistry will use the different lasers according to the treatment required. If you need a treatment in which both lasers have to be used, the dentist will apply them to get the desired results. 

Procedures like composite bonding and dental fillings are most commonly done by the combination of both kinds of lasers. 

Laser treatment for medical procedures is not a new concept. Ever since the 90s, people have been getting laser treatment for various medical conditions. The gamma-ray laser treatment for tumours became a lifesaver treatment for many. Moreover, the nerve generation procedure of laser has been a life-changing development. However, for dentistry, there are various types of lasers and they all produce excellent results. 

Pros And Cons of Laser Dentistry

Here are some pros and cons of laser dentistry that all patients must know in order to identify the best dentist for laser dentistry in Denver!


  • Minimal bleeding,
  • No anaesthesia,
  • No chance of bacterial infections,
  • The faster the healing process,
  • No damage to surrounding teeth and tissue.


  • Hard laser injures tooth pulp,
  • Risk of gum injury with hard tissue laser treatments,
  • Drills are sometimes required for fillings.
  • Laser dentistry is inapplicable in a few cases. 

What Risks Are Associated With Laser Dentistry?

Laser dentistry in Denver can be an attractive treatment for many, but there are a few things that cannot be treated with this method. Furthermore, laser dentistry is like a weapon in the dentist’s hands. If the doctor is not experienced, he or she might aim the laser towards a wrong tooth or gum, the loss is irreversible. As the hard tissue laser is strong, it can damage the surrounding soft tissue easily.

The dentists’ expertise plays a crucial role in the success of laser dentistry, and that is the biggest risk! We always recommend looking for the best clinic for laser dentistry

Is Laser Dentistry Pain-Free?

Pain-free Laser Dentistry is available at numerous clinics, and selecting the most experienced dentist will mean that you get the most comfortable treatment. Laser dentistry is pain-free and does not hurt even after you walk out of the dentist’s clinic! 

The high-intensity light and heat work like anaesthesia and can keep patients free from any kind of discomfort that is a part of dental procedures otherwise. 

Laser Dentistry At DICC

The Dental & Implant Center of Colorado is one of the most reliable laser dentists in Denver. If you are in the city or close by, visit the warm and welcoming clinic and get to know all about the best laser dentistry near you. 

The dentists here are the best at laser treatments and ensure that they address the problem thoroughly. The experienced and cordial staff will help you feel at home while the best dentists perform the laser treatments to give you a more meaningful smile and the simplest path towards better dental health!

Whenever you are ready to know more about laser dentistry in Denver, head down to the best clinic for laser, and our seasoned doctors will take care of you!

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