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Barbie Troiano: Hi, my name is Barbie. I’m the Dental Hygienist here at Dental & Implant Centers of Colorado. My role is to ensure that your dental implant stays healthy along with your surrounding teeth and gums. It’s very important to maintain your dental implant investment because it does have lifelong benefits. If you keep it clean, you can have a permanent solution to missing teeth. It’s really important for patients to understand that although implants aren’t susceptible to getting cavities, they are still prone to getting bone loss. Coming in for your regular dental cleanings and exams will avoid any swallowing irritation, establishing good home care, and having routine dental cleanings will avoid any of those problems.

So, no matter what, whether you have a full arch or a single implant, it’s still important to treat the implant as a regular tooth. It’s so prone to bacterial infections just as if it was a normal tooth. So, brushing and flossing is ideal after eating every meal. You should be at least brushing and flossing twice a day using agentive therapies. You can use a Waterpik to flush out the pocket around the implant. Also, taking care of your other teeth is very important so you don’t have any infections anywhere in your mouth.

So, it really depends on how well the patient home care is, if they’re taking care of their implant and do the proper steps to keeping it clean. It can range from 6 months. If proper care isn’t taken at home, then we’ll probably want to see more frequently around every 3 months. Me and Dr. Dhawan are working together. We’ve created a really unique dynamic. We have direct communication from the beginning of treatment plan to really the end of treatment. Patients have a provider supporting them throughout the whole process. So, any questions or concerns they feel that they have a good supporting team to help them get to where they need to be.

I just think it’s awesome that we don’t have to have someone go to another office, that everything is really in house and we work hand in hand together on each individual case. Whether or not you need an implant or you just need to find a dental community or home, we’d love to have you into our office. You can give us a call and get on my schedule, or you can get a consult with Dr. Dhawan.
We are a full service Dental & Implant Center based in the heart of Denver Metro in Cherry Creek. We offer comprehensive dental care starting with everything ranging from general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry all the way to same day dental emergencies & surgical procedures including Implants. We have a dedicated team of general dentists and specialists including Prosthodontist, Oral Surgeon and Periodontist in our in-house team. Come experience the difference of a full service state of the art dental practice.
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While there are many offices throughout Colorado that claim to deliver top-notch dental implant services, few can actually live up to this promise. With years of experience and a commitment to excellence, our office is one of the few that can provide you with the experience, results, and personalized care you deserve.

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