Membership Plan

Our Membership Plan is a simple, comprehensive, and affordable dental care plan that we offer directly to our patients!

No dental insurance? Here’s an affordable alternative.


Forget dental coverage. Say “hello” to these perks!

Did you lose your dental insurance? Want an economical dental plan to cover your essential care? You asked. We listened!

The DICC membership plan allows patients without dental insurance to receive high-quality dentistry, minus the high out-of-pocket expenses and insurance hassles.

You’ll receive all your preventative dental care (cleanings and x-rays) at no additional cost. Plus, you’ll get up to a 25% discount on other services such as Invisalign!

Your benefits will start the day you join, so there’s no reason to wait. See how much money you could save by signing up!


Subscribe today and get a FREE Electric Toothbrush upon subscription to any annual plan!

  • Save Money: Pay for what you need, not what-ifs, and save hundreds of dollars per year!
  • Affordable: The monthly fees are only $19 for a child and $29 for an adult, depending on your needs.
  • Up To 25% Discount: Up to 25% discount: If you need additional treatments, like a filling or Invisalign, you’ll continue to save money!
  • Family Discount: 10% Membership discounts for family members added to your membership!
  • No Insurance Hassles: Stay away from headaches! There are no deductibles, preapprovals, annual maximums, or other nuances.


Plans for all levels

By offering the plan directly to you, we remove the cost and hassle of a middleman. We keep it simple, pass the savings to you, and focus on your oral care!

Child Complete

Save $215


Per Month


Per Year

Adult Complete

Save $212


Per Month


Per Year


Save $289


Per Month


Per Year


Forget dental coverage. Say “hello” to these perks!

Benefits start right away

Up to 20% discount off procedures completed at our practice, like fillings.

Exclusive discounts

Our comprehensive budget planning services help you allocate your funds more clearly and effectively.

Family Discount

10% subscription discount for family members added to your membership.

Invisalign Discount

25% one-time savings on Invisalign treatment!

FREE Electric Toothbrush

You receive a FREE electric toothbrush with any annual subscription paid upfront.

24/7 Dental Concierge Support

Choose from 3 locations across the Denver Metro area whenever you need support!

Request your MEMBERSHIP PLAN today!

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