Dental Implants in Denver, CO


Depending on the patient’s individual needs, an implant restoration usually consists of 3 phases


Dental Implant Phases:


  • Dental Implant placement
  • Putting in a post or other thing that sticks out of the gum.
  • Putting on the last crown or implant

Here is a typical example of a treatment to replace a single tooth in Denver


  • Appointment 1: Exam and planning of treatment
    Appointment 2 – Implant placement
    At appointment 3, after 10 to 14 days, the stitches will be taken out. At appointment 4, after 4 weeks, the site will be checked to make sure it is healing properly.
    Appointment 5 (3-6 months) – If the implant was submerged at the time of insertion, it was exposed. Appointment 6 (1-3 weeks after exposure): Study models are made to record the exact location of the implant.
  • In fact, these models make an exact copy of the patient’s jaws with the implant in place. The dentist then orders the exact size of the fixture or post that will be attached to the implant and used to hold the restoration. This step could be done by the restorative dentist or surgeon.
  • Before seeing the patient, the restorative dentist may look at the study models to figure out what’s going on. The shape of the post can be changed to stop the tooth from moving around in the mouth.
  • Appointment 7: The post is permanently attached to the implant, the shape is adjusted, and a temporary crown is placed on the post.
  • Appointment 8 (if needed): Take the last crown impression and send it to the lab.
  • Appointment 9: Final crown is put in place and the bite is adjusted

In an ideal situation, the implant could be put in without cutting the gum. Instead, the jaw would be reached through a small punch hole. During surgery, a healing cap can be put on so that there is no need for a second surgery to expose the implant (Appointment 5). If surgery shows that there is less bone than expected, implant placement may have to be put off until more bone grows.

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