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Are you tired of waking up to bleeding gums or want to smile fully without being embarrassed about your crooked teeth? Well, don’t worry! You’re at the right place.

Dental and Implant Centers of Colorado (DICC) welcomes you with open arms to our clinics located in three different cities of Denver; Cherry Creek, Boulder, and Broomfield. DICC is especially well known for its implants, teeth whitening procedures, and emergency dentistry; however, we also provide other services. We comprise a huge team of well-experienced orthodontists, dental surgeons, and periodontists who provide a hygienic, friendly environment and effective results. Isn’t that a full package?

What’s the Goal?

Well, with all of the following above mentioned, it still isn’t enough, right? The first question that probably comes to your mind is, what about the cost? Do we have to sell a kidney to get wisdom teeth out? The answer is no.

One of the major goals is to make our services feasible for everyone to come and get the best treatment here. To do so, we have launched many budget plans so that you don’t have to worry about the prices. Another major goal is to promote oral health, disease prevention and maintain effective and efficient patient care and delivery systems. 

How to get started with our Dental Membership Plans?

We know that’s another headache but guess what? We have a solution for this as well. You probably are thinking that we would ask you to fill 15 forms, and it’s going to be a whole rocket science process, but it’s not. We provide membership plans which are easy to access and simple to apply. You have to visit our website, select the type of package you want, make the online payment, and you’re good to go. There are no registration charges and can be done from any device. See, don’t we make things too easy for you?

How is it better than Dental Insurance?

Dental insurance isn’t something new to us. They were made to make dental treatment available for everyone. However, these dental insurances are full of faults which leads to the inadequacy of trust among patients. Firstly, patients who go for them are usually in a hurry but to become a part of dental insurance, they have to wait for a long time, and the process itself is very complicated; hence one probably thinks a thousand times before actually going for it.

Moreover, most dental insurances don’t cover everything in dental services and are often charging a lot. They are made so that the insurers get more benefits from it than the patients. Lastly, dental insurances have a certain amount of limits. Therefore, the lack of coverage is one of the major reasons most patients don’t visit dentists more often.

Keeping all of the above factors in mind, we have made dental membership plans that are simple to join, immediate, hassle-free, and affordable. No extra money would be deducted, no annual limits, and you can choose the right plan for you, which is available monthly and annually. Along with this, there are several other benefits that you would get if you become a part of our dental family.

Perks of having a Dental Membership Plans

Yes! We don’t stop here. When you’re signing up for our membership, you’re also welcoming all the perks we offer. Our dental membership plans are available in all three cities of Denver, so you can choose from any three locations and make us look after your teeth at any time. Secondly, every time you sign up for our annual plan, you’ll receive a free electric toothbrush. Isn’t that amazing? We know how much you love free stuff. Thirdly, we also give a 10% discount to your family members as well. Lastly, if you want to straighten your teeth and transform your smile, you will also get 25% off the first time on our Invisalign treatment. 

What packages are we offering?

To gain the trust of our patients is one of the aims, and to accomplish that, we have shared our pricing with you. Our dental membership plans consist of three plans, which one can sign up for either annually or monthly. These three packages are affordable and cover all the preventive care and provide discounts on additional treatment. 

The first one is for your child’s dental care, which has two professional cleanings, two regular exams, one fluoride treatment, routine X-rays, and one emergency exam. This is only for $19 per month or $218 per year. The other one is for the adults, including two professional cleanings, two regular exams and screening, routine X-rays, and one Emergency exam only for $29/ month or $348 per year. The last one is periodontal, which has three periodontal maintenance, two regular exams and screening, routine X-Rays, and one emergency exam only for $49 per month or $588 per year. And guess what? You’re almost saving $215, $212, and  $289 in each plan, respectively. 


Dental and Implant centers of Colorado care too much about your oral health; we treat our patients like a family and put their ease over everything else. We want to minimize the number of people who don’t go for dental care because it is too heavy on the pockets.

To do so, we have launched three budget plans for you that would help you save money and give exclusive discounts on many other treatments. And the best part is you wouldn’t even have to compromise on the quality of dental procedures. So what are you waiting for? Go sign up for our dental membership for free and enjoy the perks of being part of our family.

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While there are many offices throughout Colorado that claim to deliver top-notch dental implant services, few can actually live up to this promise. With years of experience and a commitment to excellence, our office is one of the few that can provide you with the experience, results, and personalized care you deserve.

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