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You’re probably looking for a way to get the best aesthetic teeth possible and end up looking for a “Dental Veneer Near Me“, which has led you to us. Ah! Don’t worry; we got you!

In today’s era, aesthetics is all we care and talk about. This is exactly what has led cosmetic dentistry to shine. Their goal to create a perfect set of teeth for everyone is why they are in so much demand. One of their creations, Dental Veneer, is something that is being talked about everywhere. Here we will clear all the confusions and myths regarding it and tell you where to get the Best Dentist for Dental Veneers. So if you are a beginner and want to smile fully without getting embarrassed, you must read it till the end.

Why do I need Dental Veneer?

A veneer is a dental elective procedure where a dentist places thin tooth-colored shells/covers in front of the teeth. They come in different types; porcelain, composite, palatal, lumineers, and removable ones.  Each one of them is used for different purposes and has its own pros and cons. 

Dental Veneer has revolutionized the dentist industry, making it easier for people to attain their desired look. They are mostly chosen by the people to change the shape, length, or hide the discoloration of the teeth. Dental Veneers are also efficient in fixing cracked and worn down teeth. The best part is that they are minimally invasive and can last up to 5-15 years, depending upon the type of veneer you get. I mean, isn’t that amazing? So if you’re someone with a tooth gap or have stains on teeth due to excessive fluoride, this procedure is made for you.

How To Determine Whether Veneers Work For Me Or Not?

If you’re wondering whether I’m the perfect candidate for Dental veneers or not, then this is something that only an Expert Dentist for Dental Veneer can tell. It requires professional examination of teeth and oral cavity. However, there are certain factors in which usually Veneers doesn’t give the best result:

  1. If you have tooth decay (Teeth that show signs of demineralization or weakened enamel), dental Veneer is not the right choice for Veneers.
  2. If you have inflamed gums: Dental Veneers don’t adhere perfectly to the bleeding/swollen/irritated gums; hence one should treat their gingivitis first before going for this procedure. 
  3. if you have a habit of grinding your teeth: This can lead to the fracture or chipping of the Veneers

However, it is advised to first visit the Best Dental Veneer Clinic in Denver before deciding it yourself. 

How Are Dental Veneers Performed at DICC?

Dental Veneer in Denver is well known for its multi advantages. Therefore, many clinics have been established for cosmetic dental surgery. Dental and Implant Centers of Colorado, DICC is one of the Best Dental Veneer Clinic in Denver where highly experienced prosthodontists perform this procedure. The whole process begins with the registration, which is completely online and hassle-free. You have to visit their site and boom! You’ll be sitting in their clinic, which is located in three different cities. Once you are there, the highly qualified doctors in DICC will check whether you’re a suitable candidate for the surgery or not by various imaging techniques. They will discuss the goals of the surgery in detail and will listen to your queries attentively. 

The actual procedure begins with the dentist removing a thin layer of your enamel to create a space so that the veneer can easily adhere to your teeth and then would take an impression of your teeth to get the accurate size of the veneer. In the next sitting, the dentist at DICC would use dental cement to bond the veneer at its place. In the final step, the dentists use ultraviolet rays to harden the cement quickly. It doesn’t take more than two hours to have a brand new smile. The clean environment, skilled dentists, and welcoming staff at DICC make the whole process even better. 

Recovery & Post Procedure Care

It’s easier to get this procedure but to maintain it is a whole different story. The longevity of Dental veneers highly depends on the post-care of it. According to Expert Dentists For Dental Veneer, one should take care of oral hygiene the way they used to do it before the surgery. Brush twice a day, floss, and visit a dentist every 6 months for a dental check-up and cleaning. Patients might feel slightl sensitive to hot and cold food and drink for a while, but it isn’t something to worry about. Moreover, one should avoid biting nails or chewing hard objects to prevent breaking of the veneers. If something doesn’t feel right or natural to you, better visit the dentist. 

How Long Does Veneers Last?

As mentioned earlier, Dental Veneers are of various types, each having its duration of longevity. The Porcelain veneer can last up to almost 10 to 15 years, while Lumineers can last the longest, 20 years. In addition to Veneer material, other factors affect their lifespan, such as dental hygiene, protecting your mouth when you’re playing sports, and not clenching your teeth. It is also advised not to use your teeth to open cans or other objects. Such practices can lead to a longer duration of sustainability of Veneers. 


If you’re looking for methods to make your teeth look the brightest and aesthetically perfect, then dental Veneers is the right choice for you. A short, simple procedure with minimum complications is being provided at DICC. This is the place where your oral health would be prioritized and be in the best-skilled hands. So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and book your appointments at DICC and say goodbye to your stained, crooked teeth. The Best Dental Veneer Clinic in Denver is waiting for you all.

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