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Even with proper tooth care, brushing twice a day, flossing, and gargling your mouth with mouthwash can fall flat when it comes to some dental issues that require immediate attention and thorough care. These issues have various factors that lead to dental emergencies.

Research suggests over 320 million work or school hours are lost due to dental issues, with 92 million hours lost to dental emergencies. More than often, when facing dental problems, people don’t know whether their issue should involve a dentist, and thus, they keep delaying their dental checkups.

Naturally, that creates more issues. Your dental health worsens over time and leads to further expenses. So, what are these dental issues that should be necessary to have an emergency check-up on? This article discusses the most common dental emergencies worth following up on and how our expert dentists at Denver can help you resolve them quickly and safely.

What is considered a Dental Emergency?

Ignoring minor dental issues can become seriously concerning in the long run as these issues keep getting more significant if not treated within due time. Most dental emergencies are categorized as being in a situation where you feel as if your mouth is in a fatal state. These dental emergencies can range from bleeding to a broken jaw.

Various conditions can lead to dental issues, whether it happens due to negligence or something related to heredity. In both cases, a necessary dental checkup is required as soon as possible. Your symptoms can help identify the dental issue you might be facing, and for that, you may be feeling symptoms that keep interfering with your day-to-day life.

In most cases, a dental emergency is a situation of uncontrollable dental pain, such as bleeding, facial bone trauma, toothache, lost filling, knocked out tooth, abscess, and more. Being in such traumatic situations of dental pain, you must contact a dentist as soon as possible and get checked at your earliest. At our clinics in Denver, we are available 24/7 for emergency dentistry procedures to treat your teeth painlessly.

Common Dental Emergencies in Denver

Cracked or knocked-out tooth

Several causes can lead to teeth getting cracked, such as biting something too hard or simply grinding your teeth hard enough for them to get cracked. Getting your tooth knocked out is also led by the activities mentioned above, or in other cases, a tooth can be knocked out by an accident that hits your jaw. This calls for a dental emergency, and one must undergo an emergency dental checkup to get their teeth treated. 

Whatever the cause of a lost tooth, our cosmetic and emergency dentists at Denver thoroughly examine the condition of your teeth and surrounding areas and conduct a safe emergency procedure to make your teeth look normal again.

Lost dental fillings

Loss of dental fillings can lead to excessive pain and toothache. Since your tooth tissue is exposed, it can also cause inflammation, meaning more pain. This counts as an urgent dental emergency and should be treated as such. When you visit our expert dentists at Cherry Creek clinic, we remove the tooth decay between your old tooth and the previous filling and provide you with a new dental filling. We’ll ensure your safety above anything else and use proper equipment to carry out the dental procedure throughout the procedure.

Trauma and bleeding

Accidents can lead to trauma which causes tooth loss and consequently leads to bleeding. In this case, it is advised to rinse your broken tooth with water and stuff it inside your cheek to save the dislodged tooth. This can keep the tooth moisturized and increase its life in case it can be salvageable. Though we recommend that you visit our clinics in Denver for an emergency checkup and let our dentists assess if the dislodged tooth is salvageable or not. We take great care in handling traumatic dental conditions and calm our patients to feel less anxious and stressed.

Persistent toothache

Persistent toothache can be caused by various cases that indicate something wrong inside your mouth. Taking inflammation meds can lessen the pain only to a certain extent and offer no short-term relief. The toothache may be caused by a tooth infection when your tooth’s hard enamel and dentin are damaged, exposing the pulp to oral bacteria. When this pulp becomes infected, it can cause a great deal of pain and discomfort, full of nerves and blood vessels.

Choosing an emergency dentist in Denver will help prevent your pain and infection from getting worse and identify the root cause of your persistent dental ache.

Abscess or infection

Gum abscess or infection can lead to severe toothache and discomfort throughout your day. In addition, biting and chewing can be painful and requires the necessary attention from your dental expert. Our dental experts in Denver will examine your abscess and drain it from the infected area. Following the procedure, we will guide you about maintaining good oral care to prevent infected teeth.

Choosing the Right Dentist in Denver

When a dental emergency occurs, looking for a dentist online or asking for referrals could be time-consuming and could worsen your current situation. Suppose you frequently experience dental problems or struggle to maintain good dental care that poses a risk for future issues. In that case, we recommend choosing an emergency dentist in Denver before it is necessary. Here are some helpful tips to make it easier to find an emergency dentist:

Look for a dentist in your area

In a dental emergency, it’s wise to choose a dental clinic located within 20 or 30 minutes distance from your house. You wouldn’t want to choose someone who lives far away if you have an emergency since it can increase your anxiety level and make you stressed. Our clinics in Cherry Creek, Boulder, and Broomfield are located at prime locations in Denver and can be reached within ten minutes from the center of the city.

Find out their hours

Some clinics don’t accept patients on an emergency basis, especially when they have other dental procedures scheduled or regular checkups lined up consecutively. Inquire about the operating hours of a dental clinic and see if they are open to treating your emergency condition. Our emergency dentists are available 24/7 and on weekends as well to accommodate you on an urgent basis. We also offer emergency tooth extraction and pain relief for nervous patients and provide immediate attention.

Find out the services they provide

Ask the dentist what services they offer. If the dentist treats patients on an emergency basis and practices cosmetic dentistry to restore your tooth, it will make your life easier. At Dental and Implant Centers of Colorado, our dentists are experts in cosmetic dentistry and emergency dental procedures.

Looking for an Emergency Dentist in Denver? Contact Dental and Implant Centres of Colorado

While a dental hygiene routine can keep these circumstances under control, dental emergencies can still occur. Knowing what constitutes a dental emergency and scheduling a timely treatment is the first step towards a safe and effective procedure. Luckily, our skilled emergency dentists at Dental and Implant Centers of Colorado are here whenever you require emergency dental services.

Our expert prosthodontist, Dr. Dhawan, regularly sees patients daily and treats various emergencies ranging from cracked teeth, abscess, bleeding teeth, and severe dental pain. We ensure a safe, quick, and thorough procedure using advanced equipment at our state-of-the-art dental facility.

DICC is open Monday to Saturday and has treated thousands of dental emergencies. We pride ourselves on being there when you need us and taking care of you to the best of our abilities.

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