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Brushing twice a day, flossing daily, and rinsing with mouthwash can not prevent all dental problems, and in some cases, emergency treatment and extensive follow-up care will be necessary. Get in touch with an Emergency Dentist in Denver w/ 24/7 Emergencies.

Dental emergencies can result from a number of different causes.

In total, dental problems are responsible for the loss of nearly 320 million working or learning hours every year, with 92 million of those hours attributed to dental crises. It’s common for people to put off going to the dentist when they experience oral issues because they are unsure whether they need professional help.

That, of course, raises other complications. As your dental health deteriorates, so does your wallet. Exactly what are the kinds of dental problems that call for an immediate examination? This post will go through the most typical dental emergencies that need to be addressed and how our Denver dentists can assist you in doing so in a timely and secure manner.

How urgent is dental care?

Ignoring even seemingly insignificant dental problems can lead to much bigger problems down the road if you don’t get them treated in a timely manner. Most people who experience dental emergencies do so because they believe their mouth is in a terminal condition. A broken jaw or excessive bleeding are both examples of dental emergencies.

Dental problems can arise for many reasons, including lack of care or a genetic predisposition. Both situations call for prompt attention at the dentist. Having symptoms that constantly getting in the way of your daily life could be a sign of a serious dental problem that needs to be addressed.

Bleeding, facial bone injuries, toothache, lost filling, knocked out tooth, abscess, and other forms of unbearable dental pain are all examples of situations that qualify as dental emergencies. There is no time to waste when dealing with severe tooth pain like this; you must see a dentist immediately. For painless emergency dental care in Denver, come to one of our clinics anytime.

Denver’s Most Frequent Dental Emergencies

Broken or missing tooth
Teeth can crack for a variety of reasons, including biting down on something too hard or grinding your teeth too much. It’s also possible to lose a tooth due to the aforementioned pursuits, or to get a blow to the jaw in an accident. One must go through an emergency dental checkup to get their teeth fixed in this situation.

Whatever the reason for tooth loss, our Denver cosmetic and emergency dentists will evaluate your teeth and surrounding areas carefully and perform a quick, painless operation to restore your smile’s natural appearance.

Broken fillings

Tooth pain and discomfort can become unbearable when dental fillings are lost. Since the pulp of your tooth is no longer protected, inflammation and pain might result. This is a true dental emergency that requires immediate attention. When you visit our Cherry Creek dental clinic, our experienced dentists will replace the filling and clean out the deterioration between your natural tooth and the old one. Our top priority will be to keep you safe during the dental process, so we’ll employ the right tools for the job.

Severe injuries and excessive bleeding

Loss of teeth and subsequent bleeding might be the result of dental damage sustained in an accident. It is recommended that you rinse your fractured tooth with water and place it inside your cheek in order to save the loose tooth. If the tooth can be saved, this will help it survive longer by preventing it from drying out. Nonetheless, it is advised that you contact our Denver clinics for an emergency checkup and allow our dentists evaluate whether or not the loosened tooth can be saved. To help our patients feel more at ease throughout painful dental procedures, we take extra precautions.

Continuous pain in the teeth

Constant pain in one or more teeth may be an indication of oral health issues. As effective as anti-inflammatory drugs are, they only dull the pain for a while. When the protective enamel and dentin of a tooth are worn away, allowing oral germs access to the pulp, the result can be excruciating pain. Since the pulp contains numerous nerve endings and blood arteries, an infection there can be quite painful.

In order to stop the spread of infection and alleviate the pain you’ve been experiencing in your teeth, seeing an emergency dentist in Denver is a must.

Infection or abscess

A toothache that lasts all day can be the result of an abscess or infection in the gums. And since biting and chewing can cause a lot of discomfort, it’s important to see a dentist often. Denver’s finest dentists can check out the abscess and drain the pus for you. After the operation, we will instruct you on how to properly care for your teeth so that you do not develop an infection.

How to Find the Best Denver Dentist

Finding a dentist online or through referrals can be time consuming and stressful when you’re already dealing with a dental problem. Let’s say you have difficulties with your teeth on a regular basis, or that you have a hard time keeping up with preventative dental treatment. If that’s the case, it’s best to find a Denver emergency dentist before you actually need one. If you’re in need of an emergency dentist, consider the following advice.

Get in touch with a local dentist.

Pick a dental office that is no more than 20 or 30 minutes away from your home in case of a dental emergency. Choosing someone who lives too far away can add unnecessary worry and anxiety in the event of an emergency. Each of our three Denver clinics—in Cherry Creek, Boulder, and Broomfield—is conveniently located within ten minutes of Denver’s downtown.

Identify the working times

There are some dental offices that won’t see people in an emergency if they have a long line of scheduled operations or examinations. To find out if a dental clinic is open to handle your emergency situation, you should call and ask what their hours are. If you’re in urgent need of dental care, our emergency dentists are available around the clock, including on the weekends. For individuals who are too afraid to wait, we offer same-day tooth extractions and pain medication.

Find out what kinds of help they offer.

Inquire as to what dental procedures are available. Your life will be simplified if you can find a dentist who is available on an emergency basis and who also offers cosmetic dentistry as a means of restoring your tooth. Our dentists at Dental and Implant Centers of Colorado have years of experience in both routine and emergency dental care.

Seeking a Denver dentist open on weekends and holidays? Please get in touch with Colorado’s Dental Implant Centres.

Even while regular dental hygiene helps prevent dental crises, they do occur. The first step toward a successful dental procedure is understanding what defines a dental emergency and making an appointment as soon as possible. If you find yourself in need of urgent dental care in Colorado, Dental and Implant Centers of Colorado is here to help.

Dr. Dhawan, a skilled prosthodontist, visits patients every day and treats a wide variety of dental problems, such as toothaches, broken teeth, abscesses, and bleeding gums. In our modern dental clinic, we use cutting-edge technology to provide a risk-free, efficient, and complete treatment.

DICC is available seven days a week and has helped thousands of people with urgent dental care needs. We take great pride in being available to you whenever you may need us and in seeing that your needs are met.

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