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Aaron: My name is Aaron and I had a full mouth reconstruction at Dr. Dhawan’s Office. [music] I am 64 years old now. When I was 55, I started losing my back teeth and everything was okay. I just had to adjust my eating and when I turned 55, I lost, I think one of it is my eyetooth. I started, I am very kind of conscientious about my parents, my smile, and stuff because of where I come from. I don’t want to wear my heritage in my mouth. I started just having to look at people and just let them see the good side of me. I did that for about four years. And then I got lost my other eyetooth, and then I really got to where I couldn’t smile. Aaron’s a big smiler, I laugh and I smile real big. My wife started getting concerned about it. And so we started talking about it and felt that I needed to take some action to do something about it.

Dr. Dhawan: Aaron, he told me later, he was going somewhere else, and he saw the board and the clinic, and he just walked in. He has been dealing with those bad teeth for so many years. Like, basically, he was so self-conscious he did not want to smile. He said I don’t want to go out much. He was actually thankful of COVID that now everybody is wearing masks, and he is not going to show his teeth and can just go around everywhere.

Aaron: I got on the internet and Dr. Dhawan’s name was at the top. Anyway, came in feeling very comfortable, sat down with Dr. Dhawan, and he is very personable, very humble. I like that as a person and felt very comfortable with it. He took some 360 X-rays and showed me how actual bad my bones were. And we pretty much that day made a deal.

Dr. Dhawan: We sat down, I talked to him. I said, Okay, your teeth are bad. There is a lot of gum disease, you’re a lot of missing teeth, and what your expectations are? He told me straight up that he cannot have anything removable. We went over his scan, we looked at it and I said, “Okay, so you got good bone, we could do fix options for you. And from there it was a goal.

Aaron: I came in a month later and since then, it has been an awesome experience. The first day, I had the 28, 26 teeth I think extracted, put permanence, and temporaries in that day. I walked out and from that day on, I have actually been able to smile pretty big and been my jaw[?] for yourself again. And it has been a total transformation.

Dr. Dhawan: We started the surgery every morning, got the surgery done, new teeth were taken out implants, pleased. And the teeth were placed. We saw him the day after, he was really happy. Like he said, by a fluke I entered here, but doctor I’m so happy I came and saw you guys, and I am very happy with my treatment.

Aaron: Say it. Good boy. The best decision was to do the full dental implants. And I think the biggest change that I have noticed is in other people’s reaction to me, they see me smiling again. I’m my old Aaron again. I can laugh and get a little crazy again, because I really was very apprehensive to smile before I started this process because for one I had two teeth missing that you could see.

Dr. Dhawan: As a doctor, as a team leader, I am really happy with the results we are getting with Aaron, he is motivated, he is really happy. And that is what we really want. We are undergoing his treatment, we will be finishing up shortly. I am so happy I can deliver that kind of care for not only Aaron, but so many other my patients here at the practice.

Aaron: It is an amazing feeling to have your teeth back, and I think the biggest thing or one of the biggest things is I don’t have any pain anymore. I have actually had no pain since Dr. Dhawan did this. The increased confidence in being able to smile and not being apprehensive about it, and not even having a thought in my mind that I can go to one of my customers and laugh with them, and smile with them, and joke with them, and it has been a total transformation for me.
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