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Losing your teeth is one thing but living without them for a long period is quite another. Many restorative procedures are carried out to fix tooth loss, and Teeth in a Day is the best solution for quick teeth restoration. Known by many terms, Teeth in a Day is another name for dental implants and is also known as the All-on-Four method.

You might have heard about getting teeth in one day and thought it feels too good to be true; well, it certainly isn’t a myth. Teeth in a day refer to a unique implant-supported denture procedure where instead of placing full arch dental implants and making the patient wait for months, we will place a temporary denture. It allows restoration of your missing or diseased teeth and takes a day for the process, hence called teeth in a day. 

After months of healing, permanent teeth are placed. This is considered a life-altering change for patients who have experienced dental issues such as damaged, lost, or broken teeth. With more on this, we brief you on the advantages and the process of teeth in a day below, along with finding your nearest dental implant center in Denver.

How Does the Process of Teeth in a Day Work?

The standard tool for teeth replacement is now known as dental implants, which are artificial substitutes usually made from titanium metal but feel all-natural as they fuse into the jaw after some time. They are placed into your mouth, and then according to the tooth, a denture, bridge, or crown is placed.

Depending on your dental condition, the whole process can involve some surgical procedures, which may take more than a day in rare cases. Our implant dentists walk you through the treatment plan and other options before the surgery, as we suggest taking proper precautions regarding your dental care and overall oral hygiene.

If you have missing, damaged, diseased teeth or dental issues for a long time, this process may be the right option for you. Your first step to getting your beautiful smile back is to schedule an appointment with a dental implant expert in Denver.

Dental & Implant Centers of Colorado have the most renowned dental implant experts. With years of training, education, and experience, they’re the ideal prosthodontists you can choose to improve your smile and get a better cosmetic appeal.

Benefits of Teeth in a Day

Quick Restoration of Teeth

Unlike regular dentures, which are placed and left to settle for a period of time, teeth in a day process start restoring your teeth the day that you get your titanium metal dentures fixed. The denture adjusts well with the placing and allows the surrounding bone to regenerate, restoring normal tooth power.

Bone Loss Prevention with No Denture Slippage

Teeth in a day help with preventing bone loss, which makes you free of worrying about your facial structure as your appearance will remain whole. With this service, the substitutes are attached securely to avoid any disturbance of moving and slipping. They act entirely like natural teeth, and you can enjoy your favorite food without any restrictions.

Freedom to Enjoy Your Favorite Food without Restriction

People who undergo this dental procedure see no difference in their diet as they can eat their favorite snacks by easily chewing any crunchy foods. It feels easy to bite any food without the fear of getting your substitutes misplaced or shifted. You gain confidence with these dental implants as they are attached securely, and they allow you to get along with your day without the insecurity of getting your dentures slipped.

Our dental implant experts at Cherry Creek, Broomfield, and Boulder clinics in Denver ensure the safety and security of teeth in a day or all-on-four procedure with their skills training and experience in contemporary ways.

When, and Why, It Can Take Longer Than a Day?

We conduct a thorough dental exam when you book your appointment with Dental & Implant Centers of Colorado experts in Denver. First, we will examine your teeth, gums, and bone structure, assess your situation, and formulate a treatment plan accordingly. For further evaluation, we may also take a 3D X-Ray of your mouth.

If you have any deficiencies, there are excellent new dental procedures to correct them. The certified dental implant experts of Dental & Implant Centers of Colorado will discuss them with you beforehand. Your medical history will also be evaluated since some conditions such as leukemia and diabetes may interfere with the healing process.

Moreover, smoking may also interfere with the healing of your teeth, hence taking longer to heal safely. Our prosthodontists will consult with you in detail to make you aware of what could delay your healing and consecutively the duration of the whole implant procedure.

There are two phases of dental implant treatment, the surgical phase, and the restorative phase. For a successful treatment, the bone must adapt and heal around the implant. Then, after a proper amount of healing, the restorative phase begins. Hence depending on your dental condition and healing time, the implant process may take anywhere from one month to six months to be successful.

Lastly, there are also cases where all of this takes just a day due to the situation’s sensitivity, such as when all of the damaged teeth are removed and replaced with substitutes immediately.

Eligibility for Teeth in a Day in Denver

Now, if you still can’t figure out if your case makes you eligible for dental implants through teeth in a day, let’s summarize. Patients with the potential risk of losing their teeth or being already affected by tooth loss are the perfect candidates. If you are going through such a situation, you’re eligible for:

  • Getting your tooth extracted and getting dental implants
  • Tooth restoration
  • Implant-supported dentures or bridgework

Restore Your Smile By Visiting Our Dental Implant Experts at Dental & Implant Centres of Colorado in Denver

Our Implant Centers in Denver have the most prestigious and high-qualified dental implant experts well-versed in modern teeth in day treatment. We offer single or multiple dental implants, depending on the condition of your teeth. When facing issues with one or two teeth, replacing it with a dental implant provides a long-term solution.

When you choose to book an appointment with Dental & Implant Centres of Colorado, our expert prosthodontist and cosmetic dentist, Dr. Dhawan, will consult with you and examine the condition of your teeth to see if you’re eligible for teeth in a day or another procedure. 

What’s more, DICC also provides a FREE CONSULTATION & 3D CT SCAN to all its patients that include the following:

  • An examination of your teeth, gums, and jaw bone
  • An in-depth discussion of your individual needs
  • A treatment plan tailored specifically for you

Dental implants can last a lifetime and feel like all-natural teeth. And when compared with regular dentures, it’s easier to eat, smile, and talk without the insecurity of getting your dentures slipped. While dental implants may be expensive, they are an investment to have your dental issues in check since long-term dental problems will not only feel overwhelming but will be extra costly as opposed to dental implants. Visit DICC and schedule your free consultation with Dr. Dhawan today for Teeth in a Day implants.  For further information contact now at (720) 740-0696 or visit our centers.

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