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Dental implants at Dental & Implant Centers of Colorado provide the gold standard for tooth replacement. They are the ideal solution for replacing one or more missing teeth. We can offer you a permanent and aesthetic tooth replacement that will make you feel like you have your own tooth back again.

Dental implants in Denver – Dental & Implant Centers of Colorado

Our in-house Prosthodontist Dr. Dhawan, uses advanced surgical techniques and the highest quality materials available, with the result being dental implants that look and feel natural and last for the long term. To see Dr. Dhawan, book your consultation today for Dental Implants at our Cherry Creek clinic.

The Dental Implants Procedure at our Cherry Creek Dental Clinic

1) Consultation

During your consultation at our clinic in Cherry Creek, our implant Prosthodontist Dr. Dhawan will carry out a thorough examination of your entire mouth including your teeth, jaws, gums, soft tissues, and your occlusion (how your teeth bite together).

He will then assess the future Dental Implant site and take some measurements for the future tooth and the bone currently available. This may include a 3D digital scan of your mouth instead of traditional impressions to plan the ideal position for the new tooth.

He will take some x-rays of your jaw bone to measure the height of bone available for implant placement and to also identify the location of important structures (such as nerves and sinuses) within the jaw bone.

In some circumstances, it is also necessary to arrange a CBCT (3D) scan if space for the dental implant is minimal or limited by other structures and it is necessary to assess more accurately the proximity of the important structures and remaining bone in relation to the future Dental Implant.

In some circumstances, a surgical guided stent is manufactured using your CBCT (3D) scan overlaid onto your intra-oral Trios scan to create the exact and ideal insertion and placement of the Dental Implant.

At this appointment, your surgeon will give you all the options for treatment and the advantages and disadvantages of each and you can have a detailed discussion about your treatment. Plans can also be made for a temporary tooth replacement so that you never have a visible gap through treatment.

2) Placement Surgery

On the day of surgery, we can arrange for you to watch a movie or listen to music or if you prefer we can provide you with oral or intravenous sedation so that you are completely relaxed throughout the surgery. The majority of our patients choose to have treatment without sedation as the procedure is completed very gently with Dr. Dhawan’s special techniques.

Dr. Dhawan takes great effort to cause minimum disturbance to the surrounding tissues in your mouth which also helps you heal much quicker.

3) Abutments or Healing Caps

If a 2 step procedure was carried out, the Dental Implant will be exposed after the 10 week period and the healing caps or abutments will be attached in order to create a natural gum shape ready for the new tooth or teeth.

4) Crowns or Bridges

Digital scans are taken using the latest intraoral scanner instead of traditional impressions. This allows for the new Dental Implant Crown or in the case of multiple teeth the Dental Implant Bridge to be designed and manufactured.

To find out more about our Denver Dental Implants, or to book an appointment at our dental clinic in Cherry Creek or Boulder for Dental Implants, get in touch with us by calling (720) 740-0696

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