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Are you tired of your decayed wisdom teeth? As per the dental rules, wisdom teeth are not to be restored and need to be removed. There is so much you need to know about your wisdom teeth removal in Denver.

Why are your wisdom teeth impacted?

Your wisdom teeth are not easy to erupt. They always have variations in terms of eruption. The most common problem associated with wisdom tooth is impaction. To get your wisdom tooth removal in Denver, you first need to know what impaction is. Impaction is a term used to describe the failure of proper or incomplete eruption; it is a very painful situation that requires emergency treatment. The following are the reasons which are suggestive of wisdom teeth impaction:

  • A short, small or narrow jaw
  • Any traumatic accident
  • Inadequate space in the jaw
  • The extraordinarily large size of the neighboring tooth

There is nothing to be worried about if you have an impacted wisdom tooth because some of the best dentists in Denver will treat your wisdom teeth based on the condition and the extent of severity.

Benefits of wisdom teeth removal in Denver

Believe it or not but your wisdom teeth are the main culprit of all the problems that arise in your oral cavity. Secondly, delaying its removal will lead to some massive irreversible problems that become difficult to treat. However, dental services in Denver offer the proper Criteria for wisdom teeth removal in Denver. If you dive into the benefits of wisdom teeth removal, then you will get it treated immediately.

  • Relief from persistent pain
  • Proper alignment of teeth hence releases crowding of the tooth
  • Wisdom tooth removal improves the facial appearance by creating a narrow jawline
  • Saves the neighboring tooth from decay if removed on time
  • Prevents cheek biting
  • A wisdom tooth is very susceptible to cysts, and its removal decreases the risk to w very considerable level
  • Surprisingly, a wisdom tooth is responsible for oral diseases, and prompt removal of them minimizes the risks of oral infections.

Wisdom toothache is often very painful, and patients do need emergency treatment. If you come across a similar situation, then an emergency dentist in Denver will surely ease the pain by providing the best treatment. DICC ensures that the professionals will do your wisdom tooth removal, and it is a perfect choice if you are looking for the “best dentist near me in Denver”.

Risks of not removing the wisdom tooth

Your oral cavity is one of the most sensitive parts of the entire body. The reason being is that it is open to infections. If you have a faulty or decayed wisdom tooth left untreated, then know that you are at a major loss; eventually, you will need an emergency dentist in Denver. DICC is successfully treating patients with false wisdom teeth to prevent the risks that arise from it. The major risks include:

  • Spread of infection to the adjacent tooth
  • Infections that will require immediate treatment
  • Severe pain
  • Fever and inflamed jaw
  • Pain that will spread to the ears
  • Extensive swelling that will cause disfigurement of the face

How is your wisdom tooth extracted at DICC?

Wisdom tooth removal in Denver is not an easy task. Not every dentist can carry out its extraction smoothly. However, if ideal dental services in Denver are carried out, then the extraction is performed the right way. In DICC, there are some of the best Dentists in Denver who carry out the extraction professionally. The correct procedure For wisdom tooth removal which DICC follows includes:

  • Selection of the right instruments
  • Sterilizing the instruments
  • Patient seating
  • Explanation of the treatment procedure
  • Administration of local anesthesia
  • Using the right forceps for removal
  • Cleaning and washing the socket
  • Applying stitches if required
  • Counseling for post-operative care

The above-mentioned procedure for wisdom tooth removal in Denver is important for proper healing.

What are the complications of Wisdom tooth extraction?

While all the protocols are followed, there are still chances that some complications may arise after a wisdom tooth extraction. Such as :

  • Trauma to the nerves
  • Fracture of the jaw
  • Movement of the neighboring tooth
  • The dry socket becomes very painful
  • Injury to the gums and oral tissues
  • Broken Root remnants

Many malpractices often end up in such complications. This is very common in Denver; however, seeking assistance through an emergency dentist in Denver can reverse the complications.

How much time does it take for healing?

After the removal of wisdom teeth, the socket needs to heal up. The time required for healing depends upon two things.

  1.     The dentist
  2.     The patient’s compliance

The dentist should be skillful so that the surgery is carried out properly. The fine and precise the extraction, the lesser becomes the healing time of the socket.

Patients should follow the aftercare that their dentist gives. If the aftercare is followed correctly, then healings get faster. On average, it takes around 15-20 days for the wisdom teeth extraction to heal.

Why wisdom teeth extraction at DICC is a better choice?

If you are looking for the best dentist near me, then there is no better choice than  Dental & Implant Centres of Colorado (DICC).  The reason why choosing DICC is:

  • We use sterilized instruments that are completely safe to use
  • We have an entire team of skilled staff who work efficiently
  • The environment of our clinic is very peaceful and clean
  • Our charges are very affordable
  • We offer 24/7 emergency service
  • We use introduce promotional services all year round

Final verdict

DICC has been treating patients for years and has satisfied almost all of them. It seeds some of the best dentists in Denver, and you will never regret choosing it for yourself.

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